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EMS Body Sculpting

October 22nd, 2021

Burn Fat! Build & Tone Your Muscles!

EMS, Electro Muscle stimulation

EMS Body Sculpting treatments are safe and delivers excellent results!

Visit for more information and benefits.

next level microneedling training with meso fusion

December 19, 2018

train with the "leading" brand in serums and devices for microneedling.  there are 29 different cocktails (serums) to treat your skin, scars & stretchmarks, hair, cellulite and body.

level I - facial, neck, decollete, scars & stretchmarks:

restore, rejuvenate, acne, pigmentation, fine lines, wrinkles,

scars & strethcmarks, electroporation no-needle therapy

level II - body, all body areas:

eye contour, hands, knees, hair restoration, reducing cellulite,

drainage & heavy legs, and body firming

ekseption chemical peels

December 19, 2018

peels are without doubt one of the most effective skin care rejuvenation procedure, they target mainly pigmentation, skin ageing, wrinkles and acne.

a chemical peel entails the application of exfoliating chemicals to the skin, resulting in a destruction of the epidermal and dermal structures. depending on a variety of influencing factors, the effects of the peels can reach varying depths and alter or injure different structures. Regenerative mechanisms are set in motion in the damaged skin layers, the aim being to cause an objective improvement in the structure, and importantly, the appearance of the skin.

ekseption peels is a breakthrough concept in the world of skin rejuvenation and restoration ekseption peels exfoliate, renew, treat and moisture with a synergy of selected acids and active ingredients (peptides & hyaluronic acid). 

the "safest" chemical peel in the world. no downtime. non-aggressive. non-photosensitive. all year round.

struggling with breakouts? or dry chapped skin?

December 19, 2018

resurfacing skin care, ekseption

ice cream repair 50ml / $64

Rich repairing cream with an ice cream texture to apply after peeling procedures. 

The repair process is an essential phase after chemical peelings and it is of primary importance to use the right product. The skin structure must be restored and the processes of differentiation, proliferation, and intercellular communication regulated. The ice cream repair contains a synergy of retinol, vitamin E, Bio-placenta (growth factors, folic acid, acetyl glutamine) and unirepair T-43.

This new formulation under the form of an ice cream was developed to enhance the effect of the active ingredients producing an intense cooling sensation and leaving a rich protective film over the skin.

Designed to repair and control the new skin proliferation after peelings.

Restores essential lipids to help nourish dry, delicate skin.

Improves the skin firmness and reduces wrinkles.

Sooth the skin and reduce redness the days after peelings.

ice cream repair is commonly used as a night and day luxurious moisturizer.  helps maintain your skin pH

microdermabraision with crystals & diamonds

December 19, 2018

reveal healthier, younger skin with Silouet-Tone microdermabraision

- more radiant skin is only one treatment away

- designed to gradually erase flaws and blemishes.  each pass removes a precise amount of surface cells allowing softer, brighter skin to emerge

- powerful exfoliation and vacuum action encourage the refreshment of stratumcorneum improving your skin's appearance and reviving your youthful glow

- refine pores, exfoliate coarse skin, and reduce uneven pigmetation while smoothing superficial scars and blemishes

- the perfect complement to your product routine, by revealing new layes of the eperdermis, the treatment allows creams and serums with powerful actives to further penetrate your skin

-no downtime

the "difference" between micropigmentation & tattoo

December 19, 2018

Micropigmentation ink is blended carefully to closely match your skin tone and your hair color. While a traditional tattoo would be created to stand out, micropigmentation is meant to blend in and look natural.

Micropigmentation Is Not Permanent. There is less of a risk when you invest in micropigmentation due to the fact that the treatments are not completely permanent. It is considered semi-permanent and will often last somewhere between three and six years, depending on your body and the amount of sun your skin is exposed to.

You should understand that you will need to invest in a bit of time when you opt for scalp Micropigmentation. You will often require about three sessions in total. Your professional will start conservatively so the color can be evaluated.

After the first session, a darker colored ink will be used, and the third appointment will allow the professional to add the finishing touches to ensure that the pigmentation looks natural. With Scalp Micropigmentation, if the process is completed in stages, then the appearance will appear 3D with shadowing that mimics natural hairs.

Traditional tattoo ink contains "very high" heavy metals. It is not recommended for anyone who had undergone chemotherapy, treating scars and stretchmarks or skin condition such as Vitiligo. Scars and stretchmarks are commonly considered skin damages due to breakage or stretching of the skin, depositing traditional tattoo ink may cause more skin damage.

Micropigmentation or Traditional Tattoo for scars and stretchmarks are not recommended for any clients with the Fitzpatrick scale of I-II  to avoid any "white ink" complications and cause more skin damages.

Vitiligo is a skin condition where the pigment cells of the skin, melanocytes, are destroyed in certain areas. Symptoms and signs of vitiligo include loss of skin color in the form of depigmented, or white, patches of skin in any location on the body. It's a hit and miss if the skin in those areas will acknowledge any treatments of Micropigmentation or Traditional Tattoo. There is absolutely no one that can guarantee you results. 

Trésor will give all clients with vitiligo a complimentary first session to see if their skin will acknowledge micropigmentatin colour. 

we got hacked ! =(

December 19, 2018

our Spa Tresor & Tresor Aesthetics Training business pages recently got hacked and we can no longer access these accounts.

you can still view the pages and reviews

we had to create a new facebook page, please like & follow and leave us reviews on the new account.

Spa Tresor - Advanced Skin Care/Aesthetics Training/Microneedling

why we do not offer acrylic nails?

December 19, 2018

Many women head to the salon for artificial nails for their convenience and beauty. The process requires a manicurist to apply artificial nail tips, using both a liquid and powder acrylic to bond the tips to your natural nails. Despite the attractiveness of acrylic nails, however, several toxins lurking in artificial nails can pose a risk to your health.


While acrylic nails look pretty, they contain several chemicals that can pose a health risk. Although the FDA banned the chemical methyl methacrylate, or MMA, in acrylic nail solutions, some nail salons still use it because of poor regulation in the industry. MMA is known to cause respiratory problems, eye and skin irritation and neurological issues.


Whether you are a frequent wearer of acrylic nails or only get them for special occasions, be aware of the potential risks to not only to your natural nails, but to your overall health as well. To avoid permanently damaging your natural nails, make sure to have your acrylics removed by a professional nail technician at a reputable salon. Additionally, make sure your technician properly sterilizes all tools and implements to avoid a potential infection. Finally, limit your exposure to toxic chemicals found in acrylic nails by wearing them infrequently. 

We had discontinued acrylic nail services from our family businesses over ten years ago to maintain a healthier choice of spa life.

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