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A Brief Bio about Tré​sor & Michelle, the Owner ...


Spa Tré​sor, operating since 2011.  Being in the beauty industry for over 25 years,  Michelle has decided to excel her career with a slight twist.  Not only does she want to perform her best 

with all her clients,  she has decided to share her knowledge by offering beauty training courses

 to individuals who wants to advance in aesthetics or  become a professional beautician.  Focusing on her passion for microneedling (collagen induction therapy)  and advanced skin care for both men and women.  She loves to help people look and feel youthful with gorgeous, radiant, and healthy glowing skin.  The beauty industry has undergone a huge shift. According to Forbes, consumers spent $445 billion on skincare, hair care and color cosmetics in 2017, a number fueled by changes in technology, socio-political developments, 

retail trends and the proliferation of social media.  


There is so much room for everyone to accelerate to top performance in this industry when it is done with all the right marketing tools, and most importantly, a pleasant approach to becoming a successful entrepreneur.  With today's demand for well groomed professionals, there will always be enough client's and work to share amongst all beauty spas and salons.  

At Tré​sor, we practice quality over quantity and only use top grade professional products.  

Giving only our best performance!


Why train with us? You will have one-on-one/group training with Michelle.  Being very meticulous and most times a perfectionist, she will make sure you complete your courses with confidence and has full support from many leaders in the beauty industry.  We will guide you with what you need to start your own spa business, finding you the right business insurer and refer you to top Canadian beauty suppliers.  You are welcome to the facility and join other classes if you still require extra training.  Understanding that it can be challenging to attain the education you need to further your career, so we offer quality, flexible programming options.  We will work with you to fit your education into your already busy life.  Life Time Support. 


Michelle always has a saying to her students,

 "dont try to be the fastest at it, try to be the best at it".  She makes sure everyone understands

 "to not cut any corners" during any treatments from spa pedicures to waxing the last hair during a Brazilian.  "If you are going to do it, do it right!."  She has acquired Ottawa's Top Microneedling Performance in 2017 - 2024. "Making sure she is always up to par with Ottawa Public Health, using only one time use needle cartridges, and 

Canadian hospital grade sanitizing products .  ACCEL20/Prevention.  

Ottawa Public Health Inspected


"Go for the GOLD!"

Michelle, Tresor



Rated Top 5 Spas In Ottawa 2024

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