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Welcome to Spa Trésor!   Located in Half Moon Bay, Barrhaven.  We are pleased to invite you into our relaxing private boutique spa setting. Come and open the doors to sheer pleasure and immerse yourself in soul deep rejuvenation and pleasurable pampering; creatively designed for both tranquility and privacy.   Our focus is preserving your inner beauty and contributing to the environment.  Using only the highest quality products and trying our best to provide the best service we can to accomodate to your spa needs.  We usually offer private appointments, unless its a Couple's Night Out or an Exclusive Celebration Party.  Living Young and Healthy.  Nurture your Mind & Body. Breathe In and Exhale...





Platerich Plasma PRP
Scar Camouflage Micropigmentation
SCALP Micropigmentation
Areola Micropigmentation
Medical Aesthetics

Eyelash Extensions

______________BY APPOINTMENT ONLY________________

The First Medi-Spa In Ottawa Offering Gold Microneedling.  
Also well known as , The Vampire Facial or Collagen Induction Therapy.  
We Use A Medical Professional Device With Skin Light Therapy  And 
One-Time-Use Gold Needles Cartridges.   Our Derma Serums are all 
Medical Professional Certified & Organic With Gold.
< We Do Not Use The Home Microneedling Roller >
We Specially Designed Our Prices To Be Affordable, 
So You Can Maintain Your Skin Care On A Regular Routine 
 For A Life Time! ...Its' so Magical!
GOLD MICRO-Collagen Induction Therapy is the newest 
holistic skin rejuvenation treatment available.

Note: All $20 Complimentary Gift Certificates are not valid with any PROMOTIONS.  They can only be used on regular priced services

Specializing in Brazilian Waxing for Over 18yrs

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Half Moon Bay, Barrhaven

560 Dundonald Drive, Ottawa ON, K2J 5X1
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