Spa Trésor - Unique. Tranquility

(also known as "The Vampire Facial" or 
"Collagen Induction Therapy")

Infuse Gold Into Your Skin, Organic.

PROMO Package!
Full Facial /Around the Eyes/ Jaw Line Tightening
bonus: Tightening of Neck  / Décollage / Cleavage 

Full Face $250

Face Resurfacing 
-Helps reduce wrinkles / acne / scars / brown spots /    
 hy perpigmentation / age spots / roscea /crowsfeet
-Helps tighten skin and promote natural collagen & elastin
-Helps reduce large pores and corrects sun damaged skin
-Highly recommended for acne scars
-Best recommended for Anti-Aging

-Helps dry / chapped lips
-Locks in moisture and keeps your lips HYDRATED
-Keeps them healthy and naturally PLUMPED w/o fillers

Around The Eyes
-Helps reduce wrinkles and tightens skin around the eyes
 (prevents sagging of the upper lids)
-Helps rejuvenate and promote natural collagen & elastin
-Anti-Aging, Turning back the time on your skin!

$$$ please contact, special package if combined with more than one areas including the face or around the eyes.

Please view our GOLD MICRONEEDLING information before going under any laser treatments, BOTOX/fillers or skin surgery.  Skin Rejuvenating Treatments with The Least Side effects & Least Downtime.  Treatments are as  effective as Laser without chances of burning the skin and extending the downtime and darkening the areas. 

Call or message us for a complimentary consultaion for all other body parts and treatments.  We can help reduce stretchmarks, body scars, surgical scars, and correct other skin conditions. 
Recieve a Complimentary Hydrating Microneedling Lip Treatment When You Book Any Gold Microneedling Treatment!  Service must be done on same day of appointment only.(value $125) 
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