Spa Trésor - Unique. Tranquility

Facials-Skin Care ;  All Facials Include ; Light Scalp, Neck/ 
Collar Area, and Shoulders Massage with 100% Botanical Oils.

 Hydrating BIO- Beauty Facial
Facial suana, cleanse, Silky exfoliation,  light acne extractions,   a nano and bio-technology hydrating facial treatment with Amethyst and Pearl Powder. 
 Light scalp / neck & collar/ shoulder massage.
$67, 1.15hrs

The Golden Lotus Facial   *Unisex* Anti-Aging
Absolute Lotus Essential Oil, 24KT Gold Fairy Dust, Golden Eye & Face Prickly Pear Serum, Gold Plated Face & Neck Mask  Treatment.
$287.00 ~ 2hrs

Trésor Pink Victorian Beauty Facial
Absolute Rose Oil, French Pink Clay, Rose Hip Pearl & Oil, Silk Pearl 
$87.00 ~ 1.5hrs

Silky Tangerine Facial 
(Recommended for young skin and pregnant moms.)     
Absolute Tangerine Oil, French Green Clay & Silk Pearl Powder  
$67, 1.15hrs


Silky Matcha Green Tea Facial   *Unisex*                                             
Absolute Camellia Oil, French Green /White Clay, Matcha & Silk Pearl Powder  
$67, 1.15hrs

Please Advise us if you are sensitive to specific botanicals 

Note: All Oil Blends may contain Jojoba, Coconut and Camellia Oil.
All Exfoliants contain; Silk, Ginko Biloba,  Chamomile,  Glycyrrhiza Glabra (Licorice), Japanese Oryza Sativa,  and Oat Colloidial.

"Victorian Pink Beauty Facial"
Silk Powder, Rose Oil, Rose Hips, Pink Clay... 
All your ingredients will be served on crystal and fine China. This facial also includes paraffin treatment for both hands and feet, leaving them feeling silky smooth..  Enjoy a cup of organic tea from our finest tea collection after your facial and detox within.   90mins.

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